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Several years ago, the Horowhenua District Council built pond areas to improve stormwater flow during rainfall events around the basin area of Foxton Beach. Although this did provide some improvement, when the tide came into the estuary, the stormwater had nowhere to go. The council had previously tried to resolve this by installing Penstock valves, however this didn’t work as effectively as required.

The council had intended to replace the existing Penstock valves with new Solar Actuated Penstocks but after hearing how the WaStop Check Valves worked, they decided this would be the better solution. Two DN750 WaStop Valves were purchased for installation inside the existing DN750 Concrete pipes.

Originally these valves were going to be installed at the upstream end of the pipeline but the last minute decision was made to install them at the outlet end of the pipe instead. Moving the WaStop Valves to the outlet made inspecting the valves during maintenance easier and safer.