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What Is A Repair Clamp?

By November 3, 2021August 30th, 2023Uncategorised

What is a repair clamp?

Pipes, whether for water or gas, are prone to damage and leaks and need to be repaired as quickly as possible to avoid any problems.

A pipe repair clamp is one of the most convenient tool for repairing pipes. As suggested by the name, it is a type of clamp that holds the pipe in place while it is being repaired or a new branch is being added to the existing pipeline.

With a repair clamp in place, repairs can be done on pipelines while they in operation or in non-operational state. Repair clamps are efficient and easy to use on pipes of different sizes and materials.

How does a repair clamp work?

A repair clamp is essentially a pre-rolled piece of metal that is lined with rubber inside.

To repair a pipe, the repair clamp is simply placed over the area that is leaking and then tightened with the welded bolts and nuts to keep the clamp in place.

Once the clamp is tightened, the force applied is converted into radial pressure on the rubber lining, which keeps the clamp in position and provides a good seal over the leak area for several years.

Types of repair clamps

The most common types of repair clamps are:

Full circle repair clamp

A full circle repair clamp is made from one or more stainless-steel bands that encircle the pipe to be repaired. It is safely attached with fabricated or cast lugs through which nuts or bolts are used to close the clamp. These clamps have a girded, full encirclement gasket with tapered ends which helps to seal the pipe effectively.

They are used for many pipe types, including steel, cast iron, asbestos, iron, aluminium, glass and plastic.


Use for the repair of pinhole leaks, punctures and splits in rigid copper, stainless steel, or plastic pipes. These clamps are characterised by a full circumferential gasket fitted with two recessed and bonded armour plates that enable a complete seal, all around the pipe.

Redi-clamps are used to repair pipes without dismantling connections, and to join pipes without threaded connections. The stainless-steel band provides strength and flexibility and is resistant to corrosion, while drop-in bolts make installation quick and easy.

Bell-joint clamp

Bell-joint clamps provide a fast and economical way of sealing leaks in all types of ductile and cast-iron pipes. These clamps use a bell and spigot joints feature to fit both caulked joints and rubber gaskets of cast-iron and ductile pipes in varying sizes.

They are easy to install and permanently stop or prevent leaks, as the rubber gasket is compressed when the spigot ring is drawn up and bolted to the connected bell ring.

Pin hole leak repair clamp

The pin-hole leak clamp is designed to repair small to minute, localised leak points in a pipe. The clamp comprises two halves that are fitted around the pipe and compressed with bolts. This kind of clamp uses a locator pin which guides a pointed cone seal into the hole, which is  then tightened with a force screw and applied pressure.

When should you use pipe repair clamps?

Pipe repair clamps are an important tool widely used to repair most leaking, cracked, or damaged pipes in an industrial setting. They are used on gas or water pipes and help quickly mitigate problems associated with leaking and damaged pipes, thus reducing downtime and other expenses.

They are also effective for corrosion leaks, reinforcing old pipes in critical sections, and sealing decommissioned connections.

How long will repair clamps last?

The type of clamp used, and the extent of the pipe damage, will determine the longevity of the pipe repair clamp.

Pipe repair clamps are chosen after structural risk assessments are done to determine the repair process. The chosen clamp will then either be used for a temporary or a permanent repair solution.